Architectural projects for new buildings

Our firm undertakes the preparation of all necessary reports for issuing a building permit. We specialize in projects and licensing of houses, villas, holiday houses, hotel compounds, restaurants, shops, chapels and more. With strong influences from the wild terrain of Amorgos and the traditional Cycladic architecture, design evolves towards the balanced relation between the building and the landscape, tradition and modern design, functionality, aesthetics and ergonomics. The main axis of our approach in design is defined by the client’s needs and demands, by the parameters set by the landscape with its special features, and by the potential of the property.


​Structural design

We undertake the structural design of any construction project, delivering calculation and shuttering issues for any type of construction (reinforced concrete, mixed construction, bearing walls).

Engineer’s certificates

​​As of 21/9/2011, an engineer’s certificate is compulsory in order to proceed to any legal transaction concerning the transfer or constitution of a tangible right in life on property or even on property not containing a building.

​It is valid for 2 months and it concerns the legality of a building or lot that is transferred, or upon which there is a constitution of a tangible right.

Operating licences

​​We undertake the filing and preparation of all documents and drawings necessary for issuing an operating licence for establishments of sanitary interest.

Following the provision of the certificate of the establishment by the Municipality, the next step involves the electronic notification process, including all necessary information on the practice and any approvals, certificates or other documents that the establishment may have received.

​During the operation of the establishment, a complete file with all the above documents and drawings must be kept.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

​​The Energy Performance Certificate is a document recognised by the Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy, issued by an authorised Energy Inspector, and on which the energy performance of a building is presented.

​With the EPC, each building is classified into an energy category (from A+ to H), while recommendations for the improvement of energy performance of the building are also registered.

It is now compulsory to produce this document in order to compile any purchase/sale act, as well as in any property lease.

​The EPC is valid for ten years, unless the building undergoes a major refurbishment before the end of this period, in which case it is valid until the end of works and a new EPC must be issued.


Restoration of existing buildings

​Amorgos and the Small Cyclades are protected settlements, meaning that the residential compounds found on these islands bear the weight of the local traditional architecture heritage.

​Our aim is to maintain and highlight the particular morphology of these buildings, which stand unaltered in time. It is with great respect to traditional values, and with modern technology and an architectural glance as our tools, that we offer the owners of such buildings the potential to live in them again, recalling memories from the past.

Our main concern is the harmonious combination of the modern way of life with the traditional architecture of the island.

Regularisation of illegal construction

Law 4495/17 gives the owners of property with illegal construction and/or town planning infringements the opportunity to keep their property by paying the equivalent fine.

With inclusion in the above mentioned law, the legality of a building is secured for the following 30 years and in some cases definitively.

​Properties with illegal construction that are not included in law 4495/17 are not allowed to be transferred, may be subject to multifold fines compared to the fines provided by this law and may be immediately scheduled for demolition.

Site maps

​​The site map is a complete survey that illustrates the vertical projections of the ground points on a horizontal plane and includes the drawing of the existing condition of the property and its contents.

This map includes the surface of the property, its perimeter dimensions, the buildings that may exist in it, the building law applicable in the area, as well as town planning figures of allowed (or not) future building.

It is now compulsory to include in the map the state coordinates (Greek Grid – ΕΓΣΑ 87), so that the property can be accurately located.

We undertake the report of existing condition of any kind of property and the creation of the relevant site map, which is necessary for any notary act, at the same time consisting of the basis on which any project will be conducted.

For a site map, the following works must be carried out:

Site measurements, using state-of-the-art electronic means (geodetic stations, GPS)

Office work (processing and control of measurements, design production).

Engineer’s inquiry regarding constructability of the lot, building law applicable in the area, perimeter zone of settlement, expropriation boundaries etc.

Cadastre statements

​​Any natural or legal person with a tangible or written right on a property is obliged to submit a statement to the Cadastral Service, within the assigned date which is announced in due course.

​Following the relevant assignment, our firm collects in a timely manner all necessary documents, drawings and plans, in order to submit the statement electronically, through the application of the Cadastral Service.




We have an extent experience in supervision and management of private technical works.

In cooperation with experienced workmen, we undertake the realization of big or small scale projects, combining modern technology with traditional architecture.

We give you the opportunity to know in advance the total cost of your venture, carrying out technical-financial studies of great accuracy.

We undertake the complete supervision of your work with dedication, full responsibility and consistency.

We provide you with complete offers for each construction, aiming at the highest quality with the lowest cost possible.




We undertake interior design projects for houses and professional spaces, emphasising in designing and creating a special ambience.

The projects span from the interior space layout to the creative combination of materials and the detailed furniture design.

Our services in the field of interior space layout and decoration refer to new spaces as well as spaces that are partially or fully renovated.

The first step involves the design and 3-D rendering of your space and we continue with the supervision until completion of the project.

We recommend specialised firms for the purchase of furniture and equipment at reduced prices.




During the last years, Amorgos is continuously evolving to an ideal touristic destination.

​For this reason, there is an increased demand for property for sale, either for commercial touristic exploitation or for acquiring a holiday home.

​In order to assist you with your search for the ideal property, we present you with selected lots and residences available for sale.